A special Taste Experience - All made from Scratch with homegrown Ingredients.

Fine Dining A special Taste Experience - All made from Scratch with homegrown Ingredients

Cosmopolitan, trendy and simply delightful. Our restaurant The Packshed is located within Sweetdale, only a few walking minutes away from Villa Colinas. The restaurant is unlike anything else on offer locally with a modern yet rustic style that creates a romantic and warm atmosphere. The “see through” kitchen enables guests to take a sneak peek at the Chefs in action, where you can watch them cooking your gourmet meal with organic vegetables and fruits from their own farm.

From our travels around the world over the past few years, we got inspired by many of the things we’ve savoured – Spanish dinner parties, late-night brasseries in France and Italy and just simple good cooking at afternoon eateries in Southern Africa and Asia. Our menu is based on these experiences, using earthly techniques like wood grilling, hot or cold smoking, and when it feels right, offering fusion styled dishes from all over the world.

The restaurant is owned and managed by us- Daniel, Connie, Sam & Mario and Executive Chef Brandon together with Front of House Lincoln. We all have embraced the vision of creating a place that incorporates freshness, honesty, love, sustainability and support of the local community. We are looking forward to having you with us.

Make sure you also visit our innovative Farm Stall at The Packshed with exquisite and homemade produces from our excellent team of chefs! Stroll through the shop and taste some of our delicious and farm inspired products.

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